Dear Family and Friends,

We decided to give the holiday letter a try this year. We sent the following out after Christmas; hence, a holiday letter, and not a Christmas letter. So here we go!

This year went by quickly. Laurie was grateful when the first of the year came and the morning sickness subsided. In February, Michael and Laurie spent five days in Acapulco , Mexico for his company's President's Club. Such a long flight… but great weather. Michael enjoyed golfing while Laurie got to relax and lounge by the pool. The great adventure was deep-sea fishing. Michael caught a few large tuna while Laurie's morning sickness got a little help from the roll of the sea and she "fed" the fish over the side of the boat.

Our family vacation this year was to Disneyland . The kids loved the flight to L.A. and what could be cooler that a hotel room with all those T.V. stations? We spent four days in Disneyland and another day visiting Michael's sister and family. David thought the roller coasters were the best. Alysoun enjoyed Fantasyland. Kara continues to ask, "I see Mickey Mouse tomorrow?"

Our family is growing. Our latest addition, Tyler John (named after Michael's best friend TJ ) , was born on August 3 rd . Laurie refers to him often as her "Hunk of Lovin '." Tyler is a BIG happy boy that brings smiles to everybody's face. Other than not quite sleeping through the night, he's been an absolute wonderful baby.

Kara is a big 3-year-old now. She loves to dance and play dress up. Don't be surprised to see Tinkerbell , Dorothy, Esmerelda , Jasmine, or Snow White at the local bank or supermarket. Kara also started swim lessons late this year at a local (residential) pool that is covered with a bubble. She is doing great and can float on her back. Kara's smiling face and many expressions often crack us up, especially when she tells us "you so crazy."

David is 6 and started first grade. He is beginning to read and is great with numbers. He continues to amaze us. David enjoys taking karate and just earned his purple belt. Any sport is great, but he especially likes playing soccer, baseball, and swimming. He thinks it's cool that there are now 3 girls and 3 boys in our family.

Alysoun turned 9 this year. She likes to sing and has enjoyed singing in chorus at school. She would like to start taking formal singing lessons next year from "uncle" TJ. She continues to play soccer and swim on the swim team. She started playing the flute and has a great grasp of reading music. Alysoun is a tremendous help with Tyler . She is the only one that can get him to laugh uncontrollably.

Laurie is constantly on the go (not surprising with 4 little ones). She continues to help out in the kids classrooms at school as well as the swim teams, soccer teams, baseball, etc. Laurie also enjoys working with the youth at church where she is currently one of the young women's advisors. However, most of her time is spent keeping up with the kids. This required upgrading her station wagon to a new minivan.

Michael changed positions at the beginning of the year after the company he had worked for over the past 5 years ( Premenos ) was acquired (by Harbinger Corporation ) . Although he enjoyed managing a sales team for the 2 years prior, his new position as Business Development Manager has given him more flexibility. Unfortunately, it has also required a bit more travel. Luckily, he has been able to schedule most of his travel around the classes he is taking and is expected to graduate with a BA in Business Management early next year.

We enjoy( ed ) all of your cards and letters. You can visit our family web site for more up-to-date pictures and information at, or send us an email. We wish you a happy 1999!


The Ludlow Family