Dear Family and Friends,


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Our family wishes your family a great and prosperous New Year, century and millennium!


Another year has "flown" by for us.  Although we seemed to have done a lot more driving than flying.  We have enjoyed a number of travels this year.  We drove to visit Michael's grandma in St. George, Utah at the beginning of the year.  She enjoyed seeing the great-grandchildren and we were grateful to make this trip as she passed away later in the year.  In June the family drove to Palm Springs and spent a couple days with family and friends down there.  We took a late family vacation this year (in September) which included driving down to meet Michael's sister and family in L.A.  From there we drove on to the Colorado River for a few days of water fun.  The kids loved the Sea-Doos and tubing.  Then we continued on to Phoenix.  Laurie's new mini-van has seen a lot of mileage this year!


Michael and Laurie had some opportunities to travel without the kids.  We had a relaxing four-day visit to Maryland where we attended a friend's wedding.  The weather was great and we had a chance to visit Annapolis (Naval academy).  We also celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary (can you believe it has been 10 years) in Disneyland.  What a totally different experience, no one asking "how long do we have to stand here?"  It was a lot of fun.


Alysoun turned ten this year and is in 5th grade. Her first day home from school she asked, "Where am I going to middle school next year?"  The whole thought started to make us feel old.  She still enjoys playing her flute, singing in chorus, and socializing on the swim team.  She is a great help with Tyler and has even ventured into diaper changing.


David is seven now.  He has grown a lot and is almost as tall as Alysoun.  He had a great season on the swim team this past summer.  He continues taking karate, soccer and baseball.  He asked for a skateboard this Christmas… apparently there are always more sports to explore.  David also enjoys the challenge of Chess with his Uncle Derrick and Cribbage with his Aunt Cheryl.


Kara is our four year old going on sixteen.  Dress up clothes is still the fashion for her.  She also likes to do her hair and make-up.  She has continued with swim lessons this year and can now swim across the pool.  Kara started pre-school this fall.  She enjoys her new friends and loves her teachers.


Tyler is almost one and a-half.  He loves to play with his brother and sisters.  Changing the TV channel while they are watching is his favorite game.  How it makes them squeal!  His newest accomplishment is opening doors.  It's a whole new world with all of those bedrooms to explore. His smile still melts our hearts- just now he knows it.


Michael still works for Harbinger.  It has been a very tough year with all of the post-acquisition changes (he has had four different bosses in the last 12 months).  He continues to be grateful for the short commute and the flexibility it allows him for family situations.  He moved back into a Director of Sales position in July.  Michael finished all his class for his BA.  He is now completing the last of his papers for his final credits.  A diploma in 2000?  Possibly.  Michael is

serving in the Elders Quorum now at church.  He enjoys working with the other men that he serves with.


Laurie carries on as the crazy woman of the house.  Eight to ten loads of laundry in a week, and you still expect the floor to be mopped?!  Tyler's curiosity and persistence keep Laurie on the go. Throw in the other three kids and there is more than enough to do.  She was released from her youth calling at church which gives her more time to try to catch up.  She now serves in the women's organization and plans monthly activities for the women at church.


We've been so busy we haven't updated the web site since early this year.  Hopefully we'll get to it soon.