Happy Holidays!


Unlike previous years of many travels, the Ludlow family has been fairly grounded this year.  Other than a few days at Disneyland in October and a quick jaunt to Seattle before Thanksgiving for Great Grandma’s 90th Birthday, we’ve pretty much stayed put.  Except there was that time back in June, when Michael decided to quit his job, change careers, pack up the family and move to Arizona in August –  at the most miserable time of the year – to “Buy Ugly Houses” (see www.homevestors.com… coming to a billboard near you). 


We now live in Mesa, AZ, and are enjoying the larger house with a basement and a pool.  The kids especially love the hot tub now that winter has come and the daytime temperatures are down into the low 70’s or even the high 60’s… brrrrrrrrr.


Everyone is adjusting well.  The kids have made new friends at school and church. They love living in a neighborhood with children their age to play with.  Laurie is coming around now that the weather is more pleasant and she’s met more people.  However, we definitely miss our family and friends back in CA.


Alysoun is still singing. David is still playing chess. Kara is still dressing up. And Tyler is… well… still being Tyler, although he is now going by T.J. at school.


As always, you can see the latest pictures including the house at www.ludlowfamily.com


We wish you a FANTASTIC new year! Attracting much joy, love, good health, and prosperity to your lives.


With love,


The Ludlows